About me


За мен .

Her name is Petya and there are not a lot of people who can boast they’ve met her in person. She doesn’t like the show-offs, and prefers to follow her own paths. If possible – that should include sunlit and distant lands, with a taste of dust and adventure.

Рисуването е хоби на Петя, затова завършва гимназия и специализира дизайн. Днес интересите й са многостранни, но не дотолкова свързани с облеклото, колкото с интериорния дизайн. Ако някога й се наложи да избере само една професия, вероятно ще е тази!

Another of Petya’s passions is cooking. She is especially fond of Mediterranean cuisine and fish. She does not overdo the sports things to maintain her enviable figure. Recently she has become interested in squash. She has no manager in the fashion industry and works on her own.

Petya has worked with a number of reknown, world-class and local publications – including Harper’s Bazaar, Playboy Magazine, Grazia. She shoots with photographers Kostadin Krastev – Koko, Ivomir Peshev, Viktoria Sirakova, and AVLCREATIONS, among others.